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Been eyeing the frozen yogurt

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Stop by the J.Co location at The District-Ayala North Point mall every so often, they offer doughnuts that are very soft and light. Every time, reaching the cashier, always spot the frozen yogurt bar to the left and have always been curious.

As a huge Red Mango fan, had to make the comparison.

On a warm weekend, finally stopped by to give it a try. For one, and this is not an issue with J.Co itself, but moreso the inventory customs of the region, they only had about half of the full array of toppings available. Stop by a Pinkberry or Red Mango, they have every topping and are at the ready to refill when necessary. But, as said earlier, it’s not uncommon for a place to be without half of their menu, it’s a larger issue regarding responsible retail management.

Chose mango, kiwi, and kit kat bars to go with the frozen yogurt. The topping were slices very thin, unlike the chinks of fruit one gets elsewhere. Nonetheless, it looked great.

The yogurt is much sweeter and creamier than other places, am much more accustomed to the sour-y and icier variety other places offer. It did taste good, overall. Probably, if one were looking for frozen yogurt that tasted more like ice cream, rather than yogurt, it’s probably a good spot.

A much sweeter, creamier frozen yogurt variety.

A much sweeter, creamier frozen yogurt variety.

If only the toppings bar was better stocked.


Written by Paulo Loreto

May 29, 2016 at 6:35 AM