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Big Gay Ice Cream

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Leaving New York City three years ago, I would always see instagram posts and, even, TV segments on food shows about a truck called the Big Gay Ice Cream truck. Adorned with a rainbow ice cream cone as its logo, they were constantly being praised for their array of soft serve flavors and toppings.

Returning to New York City on vacation, I finally had a chance to visit. No longer just an ice cream truck, now, they have two brick and mortar shops in both Greenwich Village and the East Village. On this particular occasion, stopped by the Greenwich Village location, on Grove street.

Stepping into the location, it’s not the typical ice cream shop one would expect. Usually, it’s stacks of ice cream, of all flavors, strewn across the place. At Big Gay Ice Cream, it’s a very simple, clean, and modern look. The board behind the cashier displays all of their specialties, which isn’t just limited to soft-serve; they also sell sundaes, shakes, and floats.

When ordering, went with my first instinct, the Bea Arthur. Described as vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, and crushed nilla wafers; the Bea Arthur was a great selection. The ice cream is so soft and creamy, and mixed with the dulce de leche and the nilla wafers, it’s a seemingly perfect combination. The added bonus, apparently, before the entire thing is put together, some dulce de leche is squeezed into the bottom of the cone for a sweet surprise as you finish the amazing treat.

Nilla wafers have never been so awesome.

Nilla wafers have never been so awesome.


Written by Paulo Loreto

November 7, 2015 at 9:16 PM

Border Crossing

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New York City, as dense and crowded as it can be, is also very much divided in many ways. The various neighborhoods and neighborhoods-within-neighborhoods all have their own personality.

5th Avenue, when it meets 14th Street, marks the dividing line between East and West. The street, itself, changes from West 14th Street to East 14th Street. A few blocks further, 5th Avenue meets it terminus at Washington Square Park.

This part of 5th Avenue also falls squarely between Chelsea and Greenwich Village.

The last few blocks of 5th Avenue heading south.

Written by Paulo Loreto

October 27, 2011 at 6:38 AM