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Dulce de Leche for breakfast

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After years without a place that consistently sold bagels, Bacolod City finally has one, Bagels by ELG, located at the O Residence, next door to Robinsons Place. On the first visit, stopped in to stock the house with bagels and English muffins and they were great. Other bake shops in town either stopped selling bagels, probably due to unfamiliarity with the product, and another only sells stale bagels – literally, concrete.

Perusing the menu, found all the options, with a variety of bagels and the all-time favorite, smoked salmon.

Enjoyed the lox on the first visit and went through the different bagel options on the next, stopped at dulce de leche.

Spreading dulce de leche on a toasted plain bagel (to be honest, dulce de leche spread on anything in incredible) was an amazing way to start the day. The place is quickly becoming the regular Sunday breakfast spot.

Bagels by ELG, the first stop after Sunday mass.

Bagels by ELG, the first stop after Sunday mass.


Written by Paulo Loreto

September 7, 2016 at 9:56 PM

Could get used to this breakfast

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Having lived in New Jersey, while working in New York City, had the first encounter with a Paris Baguette at their Edison, NJ location. An incredible array of pastries and goodies, a fusion between French and Korean flavors, that ended up in something delicious no matter what was selected. Found another location soon after in Koreatown, in midtown Manhattan, and it made the day – and living, in general – all the better.

Vacationing in Seoul, found out there were three Paris Baguette locations within walking distance of the hotel; a veritable heaven. Upon finding all the locations, it was, just about, a daily pilgrimage to find something to snack on or bring back to the hotel. After finding the first one, had to have breakfast there and it was something that could be enjoyed every day is possible.

Picked up a bulgogi sandwich and ordered an iced green tea latte – their green tea lattes were also a huge favorite in NYC.

Had a view of a new city to explore, a warm and delicious sandwich, and, still, some of the greatest takeaway cups known to man. There was nothing that could bring down the day – even confusion on the subway was relieved after thinking back to the amazing start.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.


The Little Things

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Before moving overseas, things like pop tarts were barely a blip on the radar. Of course, enjoyed them occasionally, either toasted or just out of the bag, and that was that – nothing too deep. As with the saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” that seeing the massive mark-up retailers subject things like pop tarts to conjured up cravings for the toaster pastries.

Thinking with the wallet first, never bought them – the prices are unrealistic and knowing how they’re priced elsewhere, it’s easy to say “No.”

Not until they were offering them as part of a Buy One, Get One Free offer, then it became a manageable venture. And, as with most big supermarkets, these offers only come by when they’ve accumulated a surplus nearing expiration, as was the case with the brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts.

Pop Tarts

Usually go for a strawberry or s’mores fillings but beggars can’t be choosers, and with a couple weeks before the printed expiration date, picked up the double pack.

Toasted up a pair of the packaged breakfast treats, sat back with cup of local Batangas coffee and the paper, and really developed an appreciation for something so basic as pop tarts.

Written by Paulo Loreto

March 26, 2016 at 2:54 PM


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Flying from New Bern, North Carolina to Newark, New Jersey, the first scheduled stop was a two-hour layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. Having stopped over at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT) on a previous occasion, remembered there being a Bojangles franchise in one of the terminals; was looking forward to stopping by for breakfast.

Arrived in Terminal E, with a connection in Terminal D, kept an eye out for the famed chicken spot – but, unfortunately, failed to spot it (if it’s still there). Still looking for a place to eat, the Rum Bar and Grill was right outside the boarding gate. Perused the breakfast menu and went right to their breakfast cubano sandwich.

The meal was served pretty quickly – a good thing for travelers on the go – and it was beautiful. It was a large sandwich with the traditional ingredients of a cubano sandwich, but with the addition of eggs. Everything was so flavorful, along with a side of really well-cooked potato wedges – it was a great substitute for the initial plans for the two-hour stop.

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT), a great food stop on a layover.

Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT), a great food stop on a layover.

Written by Paulo Loreto

November 3, 2015 at 9:17 PM

Breakfast Hodgepodge

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The last morning in Las Vegas, a farewell breakfast was in order for Sin City. Since checking out of the Wynn Hotel and Casino was within hours, staying local was key. Why not try out the Wynn Buffet?

The Wynn Breakfast Buffet offers an array of goodies including freshly basked pastries, crepe station, bagel station, and Chinese dim sum — among other things.

In order to get to the hot foods, the table was situated in a way that one had to walk by the desserts on every round. When that moment came to finally snag a selection of sweets, it just made for so many decisions.

Dessert for Breakfast










(Chocolate Mini Cupcake, center. Clockwise from the top right: Red Velvet Mini Cupcake, Cream Puff, Cinnamon Roll, Danish, Chocolate Croissant)

Written by Paulo Loreto

July 25, 2011 at 10:31 PM