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Hong Kong Soul Food

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A random afternoon on holiday in Hong Kong, decided to meander and see what was nearby when the hunger pangs started. Began the hunt for a place to eat around the Sheung Wan area of town and stopped at nearly every window to scope out the menu. With the variety of places scattered all over the mix of business and retail, found a tucked away shop that claimed to be “Sichuan Soul Food.”

A place called Dandan. It’s small, looked more like a lunch spot than dinner (or close to dinnertime), and, basically, empty upon arrival, which usually makes for some apprehension in deciding to dine there. Walked in, seated immediately (there was nobody there) and ordered one of their meal sets – cold peanut sesame noodles with a side of pickled vegetables and homemade tea.

Cold peanut noodles have always been a favorite of mine, the local Asian market used to sell them prepackaged and loved having them as a snack. It was the first thing that popped out on the menu and had yet to try that style of dish in Asia. It did not disappoint. The noodles are pulled in-house and the sauce was a perfect blend of peanut salty sweetness with some heat.

By mid-meal, there were a few other customers, and expectedly so. The food was good, prices were decent, and would definitely stop by again next time I may be around looking for some cold peanut sesame noodles.



Written by Paulo Loreto

November 5, 2014 at 4:33 AM