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Longjing Green Tea

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Known for its exceptional health benefits, longjing green tea has become massively famous and has given a boom to the city of Hangzhou – the green tea capital of China.

Visiting a green tea plantation, guides took you through the harvesting processing and how tea leaves are prepared for sale. Going through a tea service, a small amount of hot water is added to the leaves in each glass and the guide asks to take a whiff, which gives off an odor very similar to spinach. As more water is added, you’re asked to place your eye near the glass and to cup your hand around, to keep in the steam, which offers a refreshing sensation to your eyes.

The guide goes through an experiment to illustrate the differences between water and green tea when it comes to cleansing. Placing iodine on rice, soaking it in water showed, virtually, no difference with the iodine-coated granules; whereas the green tea left the rice bright white.

Longjing green tea is offered in both a traditional tea form or in tablets.

Longjing Green Tea


Written by Paulo Loreto

April 25, 2015 at 5:45 AM