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Stopping for a café con leche along the Passeig de Gràcia

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One morning in Barcelona, walked up the Passeig de Gràcia, a street lined with restaurants and shops, and was looking for a breakfast spot. Along that street, have enjoyed breakfast at Navarra Restaurant on previous visits, a Basque bar that offers “American breakfast,” which came with really good bacon; they also have one of those fresh orange juice machines that cracks out some of the most flavorful juice.

Not in the mood for something heavy, was looking to sit down to something, shall we call it, European? Happened across a familiar spot, Farrgi, which has traditionally (for me) been a place for ice cream and gelato; however, I do recall stopping at a different location and having a really tasty sandwich.

Walked in and saw there was a line, which offered ample time to check out the offerings for the morning and it was a pretty easy selection. A croissant and a café con leche were exactly what was needed to start the day.

Oddly enough, have had similar breakfasts when working in New York City, but, for whatever reason, it just feels different in Barcelona.

The croissant, as expected, light and flaky; but the café con leche was spot-on. Even during the preceding cruise, throughout Italy, it was espressos and cappuccinos, but once crossing into the Spanish and Catalan territories, it was café con leches every morning – and this was no different.

It sounds a bit overdramatic but, thinking about the numerous times enjoying a hot café con leche, whether it be a morning at a nearby bar or a quiet café, it always offers a moment to sit back and enjoy the memories.


Coffee Breaks at A Twosome Place

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A vacation in Shanghai meant wandering around a new city, taking in new sights and exploring roads in an unfamiliar environment. Sometimes it was before starting the day, sometimes it was a midday break, right across the street – over the elevated walkway – from the hotel, was Korean coffee shop chain A Twosome Place.

Always a good spot to stop for a Flat White, but also an array of bread and pastries awaited customers when you enter. One of the highlights was a flaky and sugary pastry filled with delicious cream. Beyond the attractive appearance of the pastry, it was prepared so well, biting into it, the crispy and flaky crust lent itself well with the sweet and creamy filling that made for a lovely break in the day.

With new opportunities to travel around Asia, always good to know if A Twosome Place is around, it’s a reliable spot to take a break.

Twosome Place

Written by Paulo Loreto

August 29, 2015 at 7:35 AM