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Australian Burger

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In all the years in New York City and all the variety of foods consumed in that time, there is really nothing that satisfies than a good hamburger. Leaving the United States, learned very quickly that a good hamburger cannot be taken for granted and it’s not as simple a concept as one would imagine in formulating a decent burger. Having enjoyed an extended vacation in 2015, stopped by one of the regular haunts, The Australian NYC – the only place to enjoy live rugby league at five in the morning.

If there’s anything as quintessentially Australian as koalas and kangaroos, it’s the way they enjoy their burgers. Two words: Beetroot and pineapple. Have had pineapple on burger before, usually places call it an “Aloha burger” or something Hawaiian, but it’s the Australians that have locked in an amazing combination of flavors with the variety of toppings. Given the other essentials – lettuce, tomato, onion – the burger can stack pretty high, but what other way is there to enjoy it?

The burger at The Australian NYC is both a classic and a new concept (depending on where you’re coming from). Must say, personally, not one to really indulge in beetroot that often, it’s usually only on hamburgers that the ingredient ever springs up. The Aussie burger is a nice contrast to the regular burger one would get at a typical pub, plus (for newbies), it has that little extra from the Aussie ingredients without getting too far into weird burger territory.

Beetroot and pineapple never worked better together.

Beetroot and pineapple never worked better together.

It also comes with some really tasty fries.


Written by Paulo Loreto

February 15, 2016 at 8:12 AM