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One of the best things about New York City’s Chinatown is the availability of delicious and cheap eats at every corner. While it seems more and more shops offering trendy Asian-inspired treats are popping up throughout the city, selling everything from bubble tea to specialty dumplings, it’s still a different experience wandering the winding streets of lower Manhattan to find meals that can be both unique and classic.

On this particular day, stopped into one of those spots that seems to carry a similar menu as any other place in Chinatown, but still will whip up a delicious plate of whatever is ordered. Can’t really go wrong with char siu and rice, really, anything “on rice” is really good, but that roast pork that nearly every Chinese restaurant has hanging in their windows – can probably eat that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and probably have at some point).

Since the char siu already prepared, just waiting to be sliced, it comes very quick to the table, the rice is hot, the vegetables are getting to a nice temperature sitting between the rice and the sliced pork, and the pork is, as always, amazing – the delicious sweet glaze tops everything off.


While it may be nothing out of the ordinary, sometimes sitting down to one of those “on rice” meals is what hits the spot, and you’re usually only paying $4 or $6 for a hearty plate of food.


Written by Paulo Loreto

December 13, 2015 at 4:57 AM