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Frying the entire chicken

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Visiting Seoul for the first time, there was no doubt some of the famous Korean fried chicken had to be tasted. Had always been a fan, having been a frequent visitor to the Bonchon location in midtown Manhattan. One of the first nights there, a particularly late night, wandered around the neighborhood of Myeongdong for a spot to grab dinner and found Chicken 678.

Walking past the rather large outdoor space, was seated towards the rear of the restaurant – perfectly tucked away and hidden. Browsed the menu and immediately saw the chicken, it was a split-second decision that an order of soy friend chicken was the one.

Being used to other establishments denoting a specific number of pieces or which part or what shade of meat is preferred, a large plate with bunch of friend chicken goodness arrived – the entire chicken was split up and served, no arguing over what parts to order, they were all there.

Crispy, juicy and everything expected of Korean fried chicken.

Ended up enjoying friend chicken on another late night and it was just as delicious – they know how to do fried chicken.

Chicken 678


Written by Paulo Loreto

July 6, 2016 at 10:31 PM

Hot Star

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Wandering around the markets in Hong Kong, one can’t avoid the multitudes of street food options available. All varieties are scattered throughout the city, from the local to the foreign. One of the most universal foods is fried chicken and the large fried chicken sold by Hot Star is one of the standouts.

A simple concept as fried chicken takes on a super crispy and juicy form from the Hot Star street stand. The chicken isn’t a typical wing or drumstick, but a pounded-out chicken breast, coated with a delicious breading that shouts flavor with lots of salty hints with every bite.

While enjoying the chicken, the entire generous serving is crunchy and the flavor is unbeatable for a grab-and-go.

This Hot Star branch is located a couple blocks from the night market in Kowloon.

This Hot Star branch is located a couple blocks from the night market in Kowloon.

Written by Paulo Loreto

January 25, 2015 at 6:52 AM