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It had been a while since visiting one of the local Vietnamese places in town, the Rau Ram Café, down a side street, a few meters from the Marapara Golf and Country Club in Bacolod City. Ever since the first visit, always ordered a big bowl of phở, a traditional beef noodle soup.

Arriving at the table, the steaming bowl comes with a plate full of fresh herbs, including basil, cilantro, and sawtooth coriander; along with hot sauce and hoisin sauce, in order to customize each individual bowl.

With ever bowl prepared, tore up various herbs and threw them in before adding in the soup. Once the hot broth makes contact with the leaves, the aromatics consume the table and before taking one bite of the soup, the impression the smells leave is already remarkable.

Even though this place does not serve it with the traditional thin slices of beef that cook quickly in the hot soup, instead its small cubes of beef, the dish is still delicious.


Vietnamese Coffee in Bacolod City

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Bacolod City’s Saigon Café has relaunched as Rau Ram Café, located just across the street from the original location, in a more structured setting than the initial setup. The menu and staff hasn’t changed, just the surroundings, and it’s a welcome change to an already tasty assortment of offerings.

One of the main attractions is the cà phê đá, the Vietnamese Iced Coffee that is served in the traditional way, with a cà phê phin, the drip device derived from the influential French occupation of Vietnam and the Indochina region.

Upon ordering, servers leave the coffee to drip into a glass containing a large portion of condensed milk. Once finished, they bring a glass of ice, which the coffee is then poured over; creating a cold, sweet, and delicious drink for the warm and humid days in Bacolod.

A visit to Rau Ram isn’t complete without an iced coffee.

A visit to Rau Ram isn’t complete without an iced coffee.

Written by Paulo Loreto

July 14, 2015 at 7:34 AM