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Sisig is always good

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With origins as a method of getting rid of the rest of the pig that wasn’t used to make a variety of other dishes, the iconic sisig is something that can be found at most Filipino restaurants. A sizzling plate of chopped up pig face and ears, with some hot chilies thrown in to give it a spicy flavor, the meal is one of the best representations of “comfort food.”

The dish probably isn’t the healthiest one to pick from, but it is one that has to be tried when in the Philippines – one of those dishes to have people try first before telling them it’s a sizzling plate of pig face.

Everything from crispy to chewy to rich, it’s a tasty adventure and, somehow, it always tastes good no matter where you order it from.




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A popular dish that can be found in various Latin countries, the roasted pig is considered the national dish of the Philippines. Preparation is always traditional, slow-cooked in a pit. The pig is tied to a rod and is slowly turned throughout the cooking process. After several hours of careful preparation, the pig develops a crispy reddish skin — a favorite of those who get to enjoy it.

On an episode of "No Reservations," Anthony Bourdain proclaimed Filipino lechon to be the best roast pig in the world.

Written by Paulo Loreto

April 14, 2012 at 5:50 AM

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