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A tall order

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Wandering the mall on a random weekend and needed to find a spot for lunch. The same old chain restaurants that occupy entire wings of the mall, all serving the same overpriced meal options – it’s very much, slim pickings. Zark’s, which also happens to be a chain, usually offers up good burger and fries options, always a go-to when there isn’t much of a craving for anything in particular.

Having visited several times before, it has always been good – although, still taken aback by the number of patrons who eat their burger and fries with a fork and knife.

On this occasion, picked the stone-cold stunner, described as “a double bacon cheeseburger on a bed of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, and caramelized onion,” it sounded great.

The plate arrives at the table and, having experienced double cheeseburgers before, this one did not disappoint in height. It took a bit to figure out the mechanics of it, and it was an absolute mouthful.

Zark’s has always been a good fallback when there didn’t appear to be many other options. Plus, the massive “stone-cold stunner” was some good eats to carry through the rest of the day.

Stone-Cold Stunner



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From the guy that brought the ever popular Meatball Shop, Michael Chernow brings a seafood-based cuisine with Seamore’s. Right on the corner of Broome and Mulberry, you see right into the restaurant in passing, looks very clean and inviting.

Honestly, had first taken notice of the place after getting a “Like” from the restaurant’s instagram on a picture of a cookie enjoyed while in North Carolina. Was immediately drawn when looking into what Seamore’s was all about; the menu was intriguing and knowing it’s a Michael Chernow place, had all the confidence it was going to be a prime destination once back in New York.

Taking a seat at the bar, had a bit of an idea what was the intended order – having gone over the menu several times previously – but still was awestruck by the options. Went with the spicy tuna burger, various machinations of what would arrive ran through my head previously, can truly say, the actual sandwich was beyond expectation. The burger was as it says – spicy; but it wasn’t a jarring spice nor was it slight, the spice warms up throughout the chewing process and pairs so well with the Kölsch they have on tap.

Tuna burger spiced to perfection, generously stacked with fixings.

Tuna burger spiced to perfection, generously stacked with fixings.

Couldn’t be more satisfied after polishing off the burger and devouring every single delicious sweet potato fry, then came the inevitably difficult idea of dessert. The bartender approaches and mentions dessert, had previously eyed it on the menu – pumpkin spice ice cream topped with salted pumpkin seeds – it didn’t take much convincing to go ahead with dessert. A magnificent decision.

Pumpkin spice ice cream with salted pumpkin seeds. Who can say 'No?'

Pumpkin spice ice cream with salted pumpkin seeds. Who can say ‘No?’

Written by Paulo Loreto

November 11, 2015 at 8:04 PM