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Shops throughout the province of Negros Occidental serve a rich soup dish called Cansi. Cansi consists of tender beef shank, with a soft marrow hidden within the bone, served alongside vegetables in a flavorful broth. Cansi may appear similar to other beef soups in the Philippines, but what sets it apart is batuan. Batuan is a local fruit, native to the region, which is super sour and adds an extra element to what is served as bulalo in other regions, but also, adding a sour element is what makes it fundamentally Filipino.

Local chef JP Anglo offers his spin on the dish by serving it sizzling. Essentially, it’s cansi without the soup. The tender beef shank is served piping hot on a cast-iron plate with the marrow serving as the dish’d centerpiece. The dish is also served with a sauce consisting of batuan.

Cansi is relatively inexpensive, this version was found at Careyn's Cansi House in Silay City.

Cansi is relatively inexpensive, this version was found at Careyn’s Cansi House in Silay City.


Written by Paulo Loreto

February 26, 2015 at 5:49 AM