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Banchan in Haeundae

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On the first trip to Busan, the first item on the list was to enjoy some seafood, particularly eel. After a relaxing train ride from Seoul (not much a fan of zombie movies, but willingly taking the ‘train to Busan’), was soon in the southern beach city and made a beeline for the subway and Haeundae Beach.

After several stops, finally made it and took a walk down the wide central pedestrian pathway that led directly to the beach. Approaching the sand, looking to the left and right, it was an amazing contrast between beach and nature and massive development just steps from the water. Walked all the way down to a long pier, took in the view and spotted some waterfront to restaurants, then headed back.

While walking back, found a small street filled with restaurants, many with tanks full of eel. After strolling down one way, walked back up and stopped at one of the restaurants.

Before even getting to the main course, the banchan laid out was an impressive spread.

Different types of kimchi, soup, bean sprouts, salad, japchae, and so much more – along with a basket of greens to wrap the main course in – was enough to entice the taste buds. Having enjoyed banchan in different parts of the world, from Seoul to New York City, this was definitely the most diverse and unique.

Along with the attractive dishware, the shot currently serves as wallpaper for the desktop computer and mobile phone.


Written by Paulo Loreto

January 14, 2018 at 8:17 PM

Pastries in Gangnam

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With an ever-shifting work schedule at the newspaper, it has been a while since last getting to update. Ever since the last post of enjoying lasagna in Genoa, Italy, have also re-visited New York City, returned to Seoul, and made the first venture to Busan. With 2018 underway, am looking to ensure this blog is regularly updated (guess it’s a resolution for the New Year).

On the second trip to Seoul, made the first visit to the ever-touted neighborhood of Gangnam and it is definitely a far-cry from the regular haunts of Myeongdong and Itaewon. However, like Myeongdong, it is a shopping haven, with lots of stores to walk in and out of. Also wandered through various back alleys and found lots of small restaurants and cafes all over the place.

Also stopped into a massive Daiso store… shortly before happening upon another one a block over.

Eventually, took a pit stop at Gontran Cherrier, an international bakery chain named for its founder, a French baker and pastry chef.

Clearly, a green tea latte is likely not the typical French café item, but with the likely Asian twist given to the products offered at the Seoul location, it was one of many “fusion” items available. A delicious and creamy offering that helped cool down from the long day of walking – especially after climbing a few hills.

Then, there was the croissant – and their version was filled to the brim with cream. The taste is worth getting croissant flakes and powdered sugar all over the place. The idea of just opening it and seeing all the cream inside is enough to bring on hunger pangs.

However, the only downside was, when walking out of the café, it’s only a few steps until you’re right in front of a gym; at the time, fit and toned clients were standing outside taking a rest (some on a smoke break). While it may have put the deliciousness of the croissant in perspective, it was still very much worth it.

Written by Paulo Loreto

January 5, 2018 at 5:02 PM

Taro bingsu is lovely

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It has been a while since getting to enjoy a huge bowl of bingsu, the Korean shaved ice dessert. Have tried to keep track of the different flavors tasted but that’s been lost. Took a shot in the dark and ordered the taro bingsu, whether it’s been requested before or not, it was delicious.

The refreshingly flavored ice, red beans, ice cream, cheesecake bites, and whipped cream mode for an amazing treat – as always.

It is amazing how all the different flavors go so well together and the ice, as it melts in the mouth, takes on a creamy feeling, not just water. The worst part is when it is over; it’s such a unique dish with a taste that is all too delicious.

Taro bingsu with red beans, cheesecake bites, and ice cream.

Written by Paulo Loreto

March 19, 2017 at 12:18 AM