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Visiting the Good Batch in Clinton Hill

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Heard about a place in Brooklyn that made stroopwafels; beyond that, heard they made stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches. Stroopwafels, the incredible waffle cookies made in Holland, super thin cookies with a heaping pile of caramel to glue the entire thing together. Pre-packed and bought at Schiphol airport they’re delicious, imagine them fresh and made in-house.

Arrived in the early afternoon and stepped inside. A clean interior with a wide display case, started with baked goods like scones and breads, moving down to the ice cream section. Not noticing the stroopwafel anywhere, asked if they had them available. On this day, they did not have them ready, was simply told, “later.” Buzzkill.

Had been thinking about a stroopwafel ice cream sandwich for, just about, the previous 24 hours, just to arrive too early. Took a gaze back at the ice cream sandwiches for a replacement, and honed in on the toffee vanilla ice cream sandwich. It was delicious. The cookie was soft and sweet from the toffee – even left a bit of stickiness on the fingertips, and the ice cream was great.

The Toffee Vanilla Ice Cream sandwich.

The Toffee Vanilla Ice Cream sandwich.

Mid-treat, a few other customers walked in and took coffee orders to go, while biting through the ice cream sandwich, overheard somebody ordering a hot chocolate – along with a discussion of peppermint hot chocolate; it became a necessary follow-up. Having, pretty much, made myself at home at the bench next to the window, got a peppermint hot chocolate once the ice cream was full enjoyed and it was a fantastic chaser.

A Peppermint Hot Chocolate for a misty NYC afternoon.

A Peppermint Hot Chocolate for a misty NYC afternoon.

While the visit to The Good Batch started as disappointment, there are heaps of treats the place offers to satisfy any craving one might have.


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