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Oyster Omelet in the Ximending

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Wandering around the bustling shopping district, passing through shops offering everything from clothing to electronic accessories, found a corner lined with little food shops. Each spot offered similar dishes, for similar cheap prices, settled on a spot and was given a menu and a sheet of paper to mark up for the cashier.

Ordered a selection of dishes, one being an oyster omelet. All the cooking is done in the front, when you enter, with turnip cakes being fried and oyster omelet being put together, it’s hard to ignore.

Had oyster omelet for the first time in Singapore, even had one a few days before in Taipei, the little shop in Ximending offered one of the tastiest version. The omelet wasn’t just delicious, it had a soft and chewy texture, and the sauce poured on top was just the right amount of sweet.

In the oyster omelet debate between Taiwan and Singapore, Taiwan takes this one easily.

Oyster Omelet


Written by Paulo Loreto

September 18, 2015 at 10:22 AM

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