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Food Court at the Marina Bay Sands

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Wandering around the Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, passing several high-end restaurants and cafes, walking down a long corridor of stores and boutiques, it ended at a food court cul-de-sac.

The food court was vast and larger than the typical selection offered at your standard mall. It, literally, offered treats from all around the world, from ramen to burgers to desserts.

Stopped at a glass case that featured a variety of Singaporean foods – which, essentially, was a combination of Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian dishes – it was the smells and colors that helped make the very difficult decision of where to grab lunch. Starting with a serving of rice, took a gander of the offerings and pointed to dish after dish including shrimp with bitter gourd and a curry entrée, and ended up with a full plate of goodness.

The flavors of the food were out of this world and everything that was expected to be spicy definitely delivered. Of course, the food available at that specific food stall wasn’t much different than what one could pick up at a local place around town, but definitely a nice offering in the grandeur of the Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands


Written by Paulo Loreto

June 27, 2015 at 8:52 AM

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