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Dongpo Pork of Hangzhou

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As part of a tour of the city of Hangzhou, by the time lunch rolled around, the tour stopped by a small restaurant. The restaurant defined quaint, it was like walking into your grandmother’s house. Dining was either outside or in individual rooms and service was provided by an older lady, fitting with the grandmother theme of the restaurant.

A variety of dishes were provided, from a simple egg dish to a potato entrée, all of it delicious. One of the highlights was the dongpo pork, which the tour guide noted is a Hangzhou delicacy. A piece of delectable pork belly, braised, then stewed; it leaves you with a tender piece of pork, swimming in a thick gravy. The slow-cooking brings a rich flavor with every bite of the meat.

The pork is definitely something to try if ever in the area.

It is likely one would never think of stopping by a restaurant like this, or even noticing it, without the help of a local or an experience tour guide. Not one to usually take guided tours, but finding these hidden gems is, clearly, a huge benefit.

Dongpo Pork, a dish that lives up to its reputation.

Dongpo Pork, a dish that lives up to its reputation.


Written by Paulo Loreto

May 30, 2015 at 8:00 AM

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